About Us


Refuel Our Future was born at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health during the summer of 2012.  After several enlightening and frightening lectures depicting the unraveling and teetering state of our environment, compounded with our personal accountability with our dependence on fossil fuel, we felt obligated to act.

A fellow classmate roused us with a call to arms speech and Refuel Our Future was born.  As public health advocates, global citizens and a sense of responsibility for future generations and current societies being ravaged by climate change, we could not sit idle. 

We are physicians, nurses, Peace Corps volunteers, engineers, students and writers, but we have joined together to advocate and do what we can to protect the health of the citizens of our planet and the planet itself.  We are liable – both for the problem and the solution.


To create a paradigm shift in how we view fossil fuels by raising awareness of their global and public health effects.



We will ask our University to divest from fossil fuels and partner with other universities to create a national movement of divestment.



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